Essential Oils

At Swept Away Services, we produce our own in-house “green” products and utilize the many benefits of Essential Oils (EO).

Essential Oils are natural disinfectants and when mixed in the right combinations, have powerful properties when used for cleaning. We believe that not only will these powerful germ killers assist in disinfecting your home or office, but that they are the best holistic and ecological choice. We reduce our environmental footprint by providing a safer cleaning alternative that does not add toxic chemicals to the surfaces of your home or office, as well as take steps to fight the plastic and waste problems we face globally today. Through distillation processes, these oils are 200 times more concentrated than the plant it came from. The essential oils we choose to work with evaporate at room temperature, leaving no residue or oily streaks behind. When mixed with a clear, biodegradable vegan soap and water we provide a fresh preservative and additive-free cleaning spray that effectively kills germs and makes your space glisten!

The EO’s we use are also known for having the following properties:





Germicidal Disinfectants (destroys germs)

Aromas of the essential oils can also influence the state of mind, promoting a sense of physical and emotional well being.