Safety Precautions

We are pleased to be open and scheduling regular business appointments during this difficult and stressful time in our world. Maintaining our integrity and high standards, as always, remain a priority.

As outlined by the CDC (Centre of Disease Control), we want the control and eradication of COVID 19 in our business to be diligently followed:

Develop your plan

Implement your plan

Maintain and revise your plan

Reducing the risk of exposure to COVID-19 by cleaning and disinfection is an important part of reopening our private and public sectors and require careful planning. Every person has been called upon to slow the spread of the virus through social distancing and prevention hygiene, such as frequently washing your hands and wearing masks. Everyone also has a role in making sure our communities are as safe as possible to reopen and remain open.

What we have done:

Extensive training and guidelines have been introduced into our company procedures ensuring our staff follow the highest hygienic and sanitization measures. High-quality PPE is mandatory and must be worn at all times. Pre-screening of wellbeing is completed at the beginning and end of each day’s schedule. Necessary and mandatory changes to our business operations are carried out, adhering to government and health department regulations.

What you can do:
In light of this, we are asking our customers to advise us one day prior to their scheduled appointment if anyone in their household has symptoms of illness, whether they have returned from travelling, have others in their household who have returned from travelling or are under the mandatory 14-day quarantine regulations for any reason. Our staff has been instructed to enforce guidelines that strict social distancing must be adhered to. We would ask that you respect and practice these guidelines during your scheduled appointment.
Please bear with us with any delays in scheduling your appointments as there is a need to extend timeslots and frequency to accommodate the safety and health of both you, our customers, as well as our staff.
This is a difficult time for many of us, however, it is a time when we all called upon to work together in community for the wellbeing of those around us. Thank you for trusting us to enter your private spaces. We want to assure you of our continued sense of responsibility and accountability as we carry out our scheduled services in your home or business.
We are here and available to answer any questions or respond to any concerns.
Please call Jen at 289-696-2673

Our response

Proper PPE

Our staff is provided with high-quality PPE, including gloves and masks which will be swapped out after each home we go into and replaced with fresh equipment.

Increased Sanitization

Swept Away has supplemented our usual sanitizing products with many powerful disinfectants to combat household germs and viruses in your home while maintaining our chemical-free and eco-conscious mandate.

Enhanced Training & Guidelines

We have implemented strict guidelines & procedures according to Government and Health Department mandates

We do not share vehicles with other employees when travelling in between cleans,

Enhanced sanitization procedures have been introduced to keep both employees and customers safe.

Social distancing is mandatory for both employees & customers.  

Customers are requested to advise us of illness or return from travel one day prior to scheduled appointments.  

Regular wellness checks are carried out at the beginning and end of each day.